PopUp Studio

Become an earth pilgrim for the day! This exciting new development enables us to become more fully immersed in the landscape. Using a tarp and a camping stove, we create a pop up studio on the southern coast of Portland Bill allowing possibilities of a deeper response to the landscape. This popup studio is fluid, transitory and set to travel!

Walk, create and photograph your own artwork within the Portland landscape- these photos are from my Forty Days Project

Local knowledge, careful attention, unusual perspectives, and a playful approach guide and support your own creative response to the landscape –

involving all our senses, tuning in to lines, textures and colours, to the spaces as well as the objects, to the panoramic and the micro – using whatever we find (stones, leaves, discarded cans) to mark and enhance our appreciation and response – in making unexpected discoveries new ways of seeing emerge – and we can use the camera to select particular meanings or emphasis, creating a lasting memory of that moment in time –

an exhilarating way of exploring and engaging with the landscape!

Need somewhere to stay?

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